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Meet Koushik: Your Executive Coach, Trainer and Partner in Growth

Koushik is a seasoned coach with deep industry experience dedicated to guiding clients on a transformative journey towards their true potential. With a belief in the power of purpose, motivation, and process, he empowers professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash their capabilities, generating energy, honing skills, and executing in the zone. Renowned for his curiosity, empathy, vulnerability, provocation, and persistence, Koushik facilitates sustainable change. His clientele, pursuing diverse goals from career transitions to entrepreneurial ventures, benefit from his passion, rhythm, and humour.

As a certified Executive and Intelligent Leadership Coach, and a credentialed ICF Coach and Board Members, Koushik is committed to fostering thriving societies through coaching. Additionally, he supports enterprises in accelerating sales outcomes and is a sales trainer and facilitator. As founder of Career Clinic and, he strives to create success and happiness for teenagers entering the workforce. With a rich background in IT, Tech Services, and Executive Development, Koushik is a dynamic speaker and moderator, delivering services live, virtually, or online.

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Specialized support for every stage of your journey.

Experience a profound journey of personal transformation and unlock your true potential by engaging in purpose-driven coaching that encourages consistent and strategic action, paving the way for you to evolve into your best version

Coaching for Professionals & Enterpreneurs

Empowering senior professionals to unleash their potential, igniting energy, sharpening skills, and fostering sustainable change with passion and humor.

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Sales Performance Acceleration

Empower your sales team with enhanced skills, boosting performance through value discovery and compelling conversation with a focus on prospecting and consultative selling.

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Business Growth Consulting

Expert guidance to help businesses develop effective strategies, and achieve their goals. Get tailored solutions and proven insights, ensuring a path to long-term sustainability.

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Career Navigation for Students

Expert career guidance that helps students from high school and above to identify and pursue enjoyable career options.

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Igniting Minds, Inspiring Souls: Koushik, Your Premier Keynote Speaker

Koushik's keynotes are not just about words of wisdom but about inspiring tangible change and fostering personal and professional growth, that he has personally experienced.

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Client Success Stories

Hear from our satisfied clients as they share their transformational experiences and success stories.

  • “I have known Koushik for over 10 years. He used to lead the Toshiba mobile computing distribution business before heading the learning and skill development business that we called Career Development Center. I have seen strong startup skills in him while setting up new businesses and building high potential teams. His innovative thinking and focused execution helped us to ramp up services across geographies and formats. I like his sense of humour which adds good value to his leadership style. I wish him the best in his current entrepreneurial venture.”

    Ajai Chowdhry

    Founder HCL

  • “I was benefitted by coaching and guidance from Koushik. He helped me with various tools and techniques of managing relationships in corporate set up, sharpen communication and leadership styles and much more. Koushik deploys a persuasive yet collaborative approach to coaching and guidance. He brings on the table vast experience as well as an effective toolbox for coaching and developing professionals. Strongly recommend him. Best wishes for him.”


    Srinivas Bhattacharya

    Insights Lead, Tata Consumer Products

  • “I met Mr. Koushik first in 2003, when i was entering into the corporate world. Very soon i could notice him as a very calm leader, exceptionally polite for the position he was on and with an unique take on all problems, especially people problems. He stood out from all the leaders there and I remembered with admiration since then. I was fortunate to be mentored by Koushik, recently. He added perspectives to each issue I brought to the discussion and gave me great insights by making me look at an issue from different ways. I must tell that i looked forward to talk to him every time and went to him many times later asking for his advise and counsel. Thank you Koushik and i wish i could spend more time with you looking for right way in my life, while you're busy mentoring others.”

    Rajneesh Vashisht

    Global People Business Partner, Ericsson

  • I've known Koushik for over 14 years, both as my manager and coach. His effective communication, sense of humor, and quick bond-building set him apart. Leading the SMB team at HCL, he exemplified excellence in feedback and coaching, fostering a successful team. As my coach in a sales leadership role, Koushik's articulate guidance and understanding were invaluable. His ability to grasp clients' psyche and tailor coaching to their needs is admirable. I've learned a lot from him and highly recommend Koushik as an executive coach.


    Swapnendu Mukherjee

    Regional Head- SAARC, CoSoSys

  • “Koushik has a great analytical and innovative mind and a good heart and it makes him different from others. His ability to analyze any problem and propose solutions are very unique. He is one of the finest coaches I have ever interacted. His structured approach of career planning & execution, his motivating capability and pushing individual to take risk, are tremendous benefits and learning to me. As a coach, Koushik is approachable for guidance on personal front as well, as he believes that career development is a balance of professional and personal both. Interactions with him have been very enriching experience and helped me opening up to think differently in the time when everything around us are being disrupted by digital and social.”

    Prasun Talukdar

    National Manager, Business Development , Microfocus

  • “It was fascinating to work along with Koushik. The reality was his advise was absolutely correct- and exactly what i needed to jolt me out of a deep rut, I am very grateful. One typically meets only a handful of genuine, humble, helping people in a lifetime. I have been blessed more than my share....and Koushik has helped me on this path. I sincerely wish him a great future as one of the best and the most sought after Coach.”

    Santosh Kumar

    General Manager,Sales, Team Computers


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